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      He's definitely not a goth!

     Rabbit's long time side-kick. Totally irreplaceable member of the band, sometimes he has his neighbour's son fill in for him when his missus wont let him out.

     Identifies as a Triangle.

    The least sincere member of the band. Hates the music, the fans and the other members with a passion. Currently writing an Olympic ice dance routine set to Whale Noises. Held together by jealousy, bitterness and hate.


Fat Bob & The Cureheads were started by Gary Clarke back in 1990 when he had come to the end of a summer busking around Europe playing songs by The Cure, The Mission & New Model Army on street corners & tube platforms in such Cities as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Hamburg & Stockholm to name a few. He settled in Stockholm where he got the band together & performed the band's first show at Friezfronten a club in Stockholm.

Since 1990 The Cureheads have strived to recreate the sound, the image, the atmosphere & the smells of a 1980's live concert by The Cure. The Cureheads have played small pubs, birthday parties, large concert halls, outdoor festivals, weddings & national sports stadiums. In fact they consider themselves the luckiest tribute band in the whole world. The Cureheads were even given as a wedding present by Charlie, of pop group Busted to bass player of his new rock band Fightstar at his wedding in deep dark Bedfordshire.

The Cureheads have played all over the world. Some of the highlights have been:

  • Frietzfronten, Stockholm 
  • The Vic Theatre in Chicago
  • The Batcave New York City
  • The Embassy Theatre in Belfast
  • The Empire Theatre in Dublin
  • The National Basket Ball Stadium in Santiago, Chile
  • The Groove in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Camden palace, London
  • Ballaan's Istanbul
  • Izmir, Turkey
  • The Crypt - Salt lake City
  • Leeds University
  • Norwich UEA
  • Trinity University Dublin
  • Rosin Dubh, Galway
  • Camouflage, Cork
  • La Locomotive, Paris
  • Wannasee Festival  2017
  • The Isle of Wight Festival (2016 & 2017)
  • Warsaw Poland
  • Prague CZ
  • WGT 1995 DE
  • BKK Live festival - Billboa, Spain
  • Razamatazz, Barcelona
  • Boltfest 2017
  • Glastonferry 2017
  • WV2Fest 2017
  • Glastonbudget 2018
  • The Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin
  • ZTV TV Appearance 1991, Sweden
  • The Voodoo Lounge, Edinburgh
  • The Classic Grand, Glasgow
  • The Killkenny, Ascunsion, Paraguay
  • Baroeg, Rotterdam NL
  • 013 Club, Tilberg NL
  • The Princess Charlotte, Leicester
  • The Underworld, London
  • Madam JoJos, London
  • The Venue, London
  • The Bottom Line, London
  • Slimelight, London
  • The 100 Club, London
  • The Dev, London
  • The Purple Turtle, London
  • The Troubadour, London
  • The Broken Doll, Newcastle
  • Trillians, Newcastle
  • The O2 academy Newcastle
  • The O2 academy Liverpool
  • The O2 academy Birmingham
  • The O2 academy London
  • The O2 academy Manchester
  • The O2 academy Glasgow
  • The Bierkeller, Bristol
  • The Richmond, Brighton
  • Guilfest 2002
  • Shiine On Weekender 2016 Minehead


For more information on The Cureheads see the entry in WIKIPEDIA some of it is true...







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The original Tribute to The Cure since 1990. Faithfully recreating the sound, looks & smells of a real 1980s concert by The Cure.

Yes, we can be booked along with Ron Howe (The Cure's Sax player from Head on The Door), but you will look after him and provide somewhere for him to hang his suit. (Unlike The isle of Wight Festival, who need to learn some serious manners).

Bookings taken only through our agent by using our contact page. Yes, we will do charity shows if we can. 

Yes we will play in South America. N.America & Europe.

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