The Cureheads Channel List

Vocal - SM58 (+FOH EFX)

Guitar 1 - XLR

Guitar 2 - XLR

Bass Guitar DI

Keyboards 1 - Stereo DI



Drummer uses a synth pad sampler which requires a DI Box.

The Cureheads do not use guitar amplifiers, but Line6 digital floor effects with XLR Out. (Monitoring through IEM or stage monitors).

Keyboards and vocals both use in ear monitor systems & require mono monitor sends to their own IEM systems (unless supplied by venue or stage).

The Cureheads require full FOH EFX for vocals, drums, bass. 



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The original Tribute to The Cure since 1990. Faithfully recreating the sound, looks & smells of a real 1980s concert by The Cure.

Yes, we can be booked along with Ron Howe (The Cure's Sax player from Head on The Door), but you will look after him and provide somewhere for him to hang his suit. (Unlike The isle of Wight Festival, who need to learn some serious manners).

Bookings taken only through our agent by using our contact page. Yes, we will do charity shows if we can. 

Yes we will play in South America. N.America & Europe.

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